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It's pretty simple. First, this is a free service. Second, we promise to try to make this one of the best free online services you've ever used, however for obvious financial reasons we can't guarantee the 100% uptime of this service. This service is provided "as-is" and by that we mean that while we're always working to improve The Wishlist we can't promise every one of your wishlist wishes will come true immediately.

Your personal data shared with The Wishlist is protected. We keep it safe and secure but we'd also hope you are cautious with the degree of highly personal information you share with our site (or any online site for that matter).

I am available for support if needed via email: josh@makeawishlist.net. I try to respond as soon as I possibly can. I also highly appreciate feedback (both positive and negative) as it helps me make this the best site it can be.